Help & Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Simply click on the “Online Courses” tab in the navigation bar and it will take you to our full course library.
  2. If you click on the title of any class, it will take you to the course objectives page for a complete summary of what the class has to offer. From there, just click the blue “Take This Class” button to begin the presentation.
Once you have opened any course, just click the blue “Take This Class” button and it will open the presentation. To navigate through the presentation slides, simply click the arrows on either side of the slide. You are free to go back and forth between slides as often as needed.
  1. After you have studied the course content and feel ready, just click the green “Take The Test” button to open the post-presentation test.
  2. Once you have answered all the questions, you will have the opportunity to review your answers prior to submitting the test for grading.
  3. Testing Note: As you progress through taking the test, your answers are saved. This allows you to stop and resume testing at your convenience.
  4. Your test will be instantly graded upon submission and you will receive your grade immediately.
  5. The tests may be retaken as many times as you need and only report to CE Broker when you’ve passed with at least an 80%.
  • CE Broker tracks CE credits for the Florida Department of Health, the DC Board of Nursing, the Ohio Board of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, Georgia Board of Nursing, Georgia Board of Massage Therapy, Ohio Chemical Dependency Professionals Board, and the Wyoming Board of Psychology.
  • Some Boards of Nursing, such as Georgia’s, will ONLY accept CE documentation reported through CE Broker.
  • A Basic Account on CE Broker is free, but they also offer accounts with additional services for a fee.
  • Once you create your CE Broker account, you will find tutorials in your member's area to walk you step-by-step through the process of reporting your continuing education hours to your Board for your license renewal.
  • You can visit their website at
  • Yes, we do automatically report to CE Broker if you have entered the following information into your NP Medical account correctly:
    • Your license number (must be from Alabama, Florida, Georgia, District of Columbia, or South Carolina)
    • Your first and last name on your license. If you have changed your name, make sure you have submitted that change with your licensure agency.
  • You can access your account information at any time by going to the “Member’s Area” in the top right-hand side of your screen.
  • We automatically submit course completion results directly to CE Broker when you successfully pass a test with a score of at least 80%.
  • All of this information is available in the “Member’s Area” which can be found in the top right-hand side of your screen.
  • In your member’s area, a complete list of courses you have completed is displayed. This is also where you can view and/or download your certificates of completion.
  • An additional feature we offer is the ability to keep track of how many CE hours you have completed in any given period of time. Simply enter the date range into the “From” & “To” boxes to obtain this information.
  • NP Mobile Medical Group is accredited by CE Broker (Provider #50-17218) and the following boards:
    • State of Florida Board of Nursing
    • State of Florida Board of Nursing Certified Nursing Assistant
    • State of Georgia Board of Nursing
    • District of Columbia Board of Nursing
    • District of Columbia Board of Nursing Assistive Personnel
  • For states that accept CE courses that have been approved by any other state’s Board of Nursing, our courses can satisfy your continuing education requirements because we have been approved by the Boards listed above.
  • NP Mobile Medical Group recommends that you check with your own state’s Board of Nursing or licensure agency requirements to ensure that our courses will meet your CE needs prior to signing up or taking our courses.
  • Absolutely. Our website is secured using a verified 256-bit enhanced encryption certificate, which is double the encryption used by ost other websites. Using SSL (Secure Socket Layers), the information sent between your browser and our website is protected.
  • When you enter your credit card information into our website, our system processes your transaction with our credit card company. Once the transaction is complete, your credit card information is safely removed from our website, we do not store any of the information.
  • You can contact our support team by emailing your questions to:
  • Our support team is available Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm Eastern Time (excluding holidays)